Heavy Duty Fans


Fans-Heavy Duty

Canada Blower heavy duty axial and centrifugal fans are designed to handle applications involving erosive and corrosive gasses, large capacities; high pressures and temperature extremes. Typical applications include air cleaning systems, mechanical draft, chemical processes, kiln exhaust, mine ventilation, gas recirculation, sintering and cryogenic service.
To meet these operating conditions, Canada Blower heavy duty fans are designed and selected with the use of modern computer techniques guided by over 100 years of fan engineering experience. Comprehensive testing confirms design decisions. Quality manufacturing standards guarantee long service life.

Heavy Duty Centrifugal Fans

Canada Blower heavy duty centrifugal fans are available with an airfoil, back-wardly curved, and radial tipped blade wheels. Capacities run from 1,050 cfm to over 1,000,000 cfm, with pressures to 100″ W.G. Options and accessories include sleeve or anti-friction bearings, inlet boxes, inlet box dampers, gas-tight construction, outlet dampers, wear strips, scroll liners and special materials of construction.

Heavy Duty Axial Fans

Canada Blower heavy duty axial fans are available in three basic designs. Types AP & AN are power plant axials designed for larger fossil fuel boilers, especially when reduced load requirements will be encountered; Type MS Adjustax®axials are designed to deliver high capacities (to 900.000cfm)and medium to high pressures (to 20″ total pressure in single stage, to 40″ total pressure in two stage) for a variety of industrial process and ventilation applications.

Repair Service -Heavy Duty Fans

When prolonged service wears a Canada Blower fan wheel the logical replacement is a new Canada Blower wheel built to the original design. Rated performance is assured. A Canada Blower Sales Engineer will get you a replacement wheel in the shortest time. He may also recommend changes to extend service life and performance of the replacement wheel. Replacement shafts, bearings, accessories, etc., are also readily available.


Three wheel designs make this a versa-tile exhauster. The MW wheel handles dust, abrasives and/or corrosives. The OW wheel is for fiberous materials. The AW wheel provides maximum efficiency on clean air. Capacities to 85,000 cfrn. Static pressure to 20″ W.G. Temperatures to 850°F. Accessories and special materials of construction are available.
These compact units, available with cast or fabricated housing, provide years of reliable, trouble-free service for many industrial applications. Type “E” capacities from 50 cfm to 12,000 cfm at static pressures to 83″ W.G. Type “RE” capacities from 50 to 1600 cfm at static pressures to 45.5″ W.G. Options include flanged connections, gas tight construction, special coatings and materials of construction.

Canada Blower “FM” high pressure exhausters are rugged exhausters preengineered in regard to ratings and construction detail. They are designed for air or gas moving applications with capacity requirements from 1,500 dm to 27,000 cfm. Pressures range from 20″ W.G. to 40″ W.G. in eight sizes.
A low cost, cast iron housing fan to handle air, hot gases, corrosive or erosive gases, dust and stringy sub-stances. Capacities from 107 to 8,060 cf m. Static pressures for 1/2″ to 12″ W.G. Many options including stuffing boxes, flange connections, heat slinger and shaft seal.

Canada Blower Type “CB” blowers are for high pressures at moderate volume. Capacity range is from 150 cfm to 100,000 cfm and static pressures up to 150″ W.G. Type “R” blowers have been built to 200,000 cfm and pressures to 200″ W.G. However, Canada Blower sets no limits to size. Options include gas tight construction, heat slinger, special metals and many other features.

Fans-Special Materials

Canada Blower has for many years supplied air handling equipment in materials selected to resist corrosion or erosion. Today you can order certain Canada Blower fans in fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), cast iron, aluminum, stainless and most any other high alloy steel as well as with special coatings and linings. These fans are based on performance proven Canada Blower designs and built to Canada Blower quality standards.

Long considered fib, a an industry standard, the Industrial Exhauster in fiberglass reinforced plastic has taken on a new dimension as a mover of corrosive fumes. The efficient MW wheel is of solid FRP construction with encapsulated steel hub. The housing of FRP is rotatable to 15 discharge positions. Capacities are from 300 to 43,000 cfm and static pressures to 20″ W.G.

Move large volumes of corrosive fumes with these fiberglass rein-forced plastic ventilating fans. Both the FL and type “B” Axial are proven designs. FRP construction adds longevity to efficiency on corrosive service. FL capacities from 900 to 129,000 cfm, static pressures to 6″ W.G. Axial capacities from 2,000 to 60,000 cfm and static pressures to 3″ W.G.

Now offers its line of medium and high pressure blowers with fiberglass re nforced plastic housings, with wheels of fiberglass, special metal, or steel with suitable coating, depending on your operating conditions. Type E and RE Blower capacities to 3300 cfm and static pressures to 29″ W.G. with FRP wheel or 47″ W.G. with metal wheel. Type CB & R capacities to 50,000 cfm and static pressures to 100″ W.G.


Lined exhausters, introduced over 30 years ago, are a good choice for many corrosive fume applications. Based on your operating conditions, Canada Blower engineers will suggest the correct fan to be rubber coated. Contact your Canada Blower Sales Representative for details.
High pressure blowers are available in a wide range of materials including stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, Everdur, Hastelloy, Monet and Inconel. They handle corrosive, abrasive, and inert gases to over 8000F at static pressures to over 100″ W.G.



The Canada Blower BL-Aerofoil is a high efficiency, low noise level fan for quality, optimum design alr conditioning and ventilation systems. Construction features include wheel blades that combine the best of backward curved and air foil designs … die-formed torusoidal inlet bell and matching wheel flange … heavier gauge steel and adequate bracing … heavier shaft and bearings … all put together with traditional Canada Blower quality fabrication and inspection. The Canada Blower BL-Aerotoil is built in Class I, II and III construction in capacities from III construction in capacities from 687 to 661,000 cfm and pressures to 12″.

Axial Flow Fans

Canada Blower Axial Flow Fans are a best buy for many industrial air moving jobs. Generally, an axial costs considerably less than a quality centrifugal fan delivering the same volume and pressure. They cost less to install since they are lighter, requiring minimum structural support. They can be duct mounted, taking up little space. Direct drive models mean faster start-up and the absence of •beIt drive and fan bearings lowers maintenance costs. Adjustax AxlaIs feature an adjustable pitch blade wheel that permits matching your pressure/volume requirements exactly, and lets you make on•the-job adjustments to compensate for system changes. Adjustax capacities from 3000 to 400,000 cfm, and to 20″ total pressure. Type “B” Axle’s have fixed blade wheels in capacities from 2600 to 330,000 cfm and to 5″ total pressure.

Canada Blower SWING OUT FANS

The Canada Blower Aerolinann Centrifugal Inline and the Canada Blower Centrifugal Tracked Swing Out”) fans are efficient low noise level fans designed for paint spray booth and other applications where substance build-up must be removed from the fan interior. The entire rotating assembly swings out to become fully accessible for maintenance.

These units meet the need for large volumes of exhaust and supply air. volumes of exhaust and supply air. They feature a low silhouette, simple rugged construction to with- stand hurricane force winds and stand hurricane force winds and heavy snow loads, a wide choice of options and either belt or direct drive. Capacities to over 200,000 cfm and pressures to over 1″.

A versatile, economical, efficient ventilating fan featuring Canada Blower proven backward curved blade wheel. This non-overloading limit- load horsepower fan is stable from free delivery to shut-off. Changing system resistance has little effect on capacity. Options include all- weather cover, damper, screen, heat stinger, shaft seal, drain, etc. Cap- acities from 600 to 24,000 cfm. pressures to 4″
Canada Blower offers a line of propeller fans with many wheel designs to meet all applications. Construction is typical Canada Blower quality to meet industrial operating conditions. Options include bell or direct drive, penthouses, wall or ceiling shutters, wall boxes, filters, wire guards and penthouses, wall or ceiling shutters, wall boxes, filters, wire guards and wall boxes, filters, wire guards and spark resistant construction. Wheel sizes from 8″ to 120″. Capacities from 500 to 240,000 cfm and up to 1″ SP or higher.
These small package units are used for small furnace draft, handling particles of wood, metal, and abra- sives in collecting systems, and sives in collecting systems, and many more jobs requiring moderate volume against low pressures. Cap- acities from 30 cfm to 700 cfm.
A quiet, reliable fan with a sturdy corrosion resistant cast iron housing that is rotatable to obtain any 450 that is rotatable to obtain any 450 angular discharge. Widely used as a component on many industrial products. Features include all- weather cover, drain, non-spark aluminum wheel, heat slinger, anti- vibration pads, special corrosion resistant materials and/or protective coatings. Capacities from 47 to coatings. Capacities from 47 to 1765 cfm with pressures to 1″.
A low silhouette upblast style unit ruggedly built to withstand hurri- cane force winds. Direct or belt drive, propeller fan or axial fan type wheels. Can be mounted on flat or pitched roof. Several options are available, including “tilt-up” are available, including “tilt-up” design. Capacities to 130,000 cfm.